04 September 2020

Some Quilting at Last

My quilt group met this week for the first time since Lockdown began here in the UK in March. The hall we use has lots of safety measures in place, we have to clean as we go and wear face masks while inside. We can only meet in small groups at a time, but it felt so good to be back quilting again! I brought along my Grasshopper quilt that I am hand quilting, I haven't touched it in months, but I really want to get this done so I think this will be my take along focus project.

This was a Sarah Fielke BOM from a couple of years ago.

I love the texture of hand quilting and would hand quilt everything if I had the time and my hands would cooperate! I chose carefully, and I am happy with this one, I knew I wanted to hand quilt large hexagons in the background to go with the bees on the fabric :) I am using Aurifil 12wt for some big stitch quilting.

I wore my Green Lane cardigan to the group and we started discussing colour, I completely changed the colours in this cardigan from the original blue/yellow.  Several of the ladies said they find choosing colours difficult and asked how I pick colours for my projects; I normally start with an image or photo, for this cardigan I knew I wanted Scottish mountains/pine trees/heather etc.  It turned out exactly as I had pictured.

I am knitting a shawl at the moment 'Washed Out' by Joji Locatelli, she is hosting a KAL on her Ravelry group which is fun.   Ravelry Notes

I am using a special one of a kind hand dyed yarn I bought years ago from Lichtfaden, it is lovely to knit with and if Covid has taught me one thing it is to start using all those special fabrics and yarns I have been saving for I don't know what!

My Jumper Board came in handy for winding the skeins :)

I made a project bag from an old embroidery, it makes me smile every time I use it and so much nicer than a plastic bag.


  1. How ingenious to quilt hexagons around all those bees! It looks amazing.

  2. I love hand quilting and do it a lot. Your quilt looks amazing. I love the colours of your jacket and the pattern. Your project bag gave me an idea. I am going to make a few. Have a lot of old pieces of embroidery.

  3. Glad you're able to get back into quilting a little. I love the idea of the hexagons as a quilting design. It's so appropriate.

  4. I entirely agree about using the good stuff. The results are lovely and the materials are so much pleasanter to use!

  5. Lovely work and I have never seen hexagons quilted in the background - Neat! Hugs glad you were able to meet and greet your quilting buddies!

  6. At first I didn’t get your point about bees and hexagons...duh, where is my brain today! Brilliant idea! And it is looking so pretty too. Love your knitting and the bag embroidery. You are so talented.