02 July 2020


Around 40 (!) years ago I learned to crochet and I hated it! I already knew how to knit, and was quite proficient, but I really couldn't get the hang of crochet; we were using a tiny hook and very fine crochet cotton to make doilies (I never saw the point of doilies but that's another story).  After a break of several years, I started knitting again properly about 15 years ago, at the same time I started seeing amazing crochet design popping up all over the internet,  and although I adore the colour combinations Lucy at Attic 24 comes up with I wasn't tempted to pick up a hook.

Until now :) I enjoy watching the Fruity Knitting podcast as was intrigued by the blanket Andrea is making by British designer Jane Crowfoot. I love the designs Jane has created and I immediately fell in love with the Arts & Crafts May Morris  Fruit Garden inspired blanket.

 As most of you know I adore the Arts and Crafts Movement and live in an Arts & Crafts style cottage

The design is fairly involved and it will probably take several years to complete! However there is help available and Jane has videos showing each step. So I bought the yarn kit :)

I mentioned to a quilting friend that I wanted to learn Crochet, and she found an amazing local teacher for us, I contacted Jo at Grace and Cable and we had an online Zoom lesson last week, I need to practice but I think I'm getting the hang of it.  I'm having another lesson on Tuesday, it will be a while until I feel confident to tackle my Blanket Kit but it is fun learning something new.

I bought me this beginners book a few months ago and after a lesson with Jo the pictures made sense!

In the meantime I am knitting, I am really enjoying this modern Fair Isle design by Mary Henderson
Ravelry notes here https://www.ravelry.com/projects/suller/green-lane

I took a gamble changing up the colours but I think they work

One more sleeve to knit and then you join both sleeves to the body to knit the yoke


  1. I’m in love with the crocheted Fruit Garden blanket for some time, but I’m more a knitter than a chrocheter. And even more a quilter... I will nver forget kitting stitchs but I always need to learn crochet stitches when I pick up one of my projects. SO wonderful that you’re taking lessons on how to chrochet now! Good luck!!

  2. I love Jane's designs and follow her on Instagram I saw that blanket too and know it is over my skills but I will watch and see if you make it. I do have Jane's pattern for Mystical Lanterns and think to use up left over yarn from some of Lucy 24's blankets that I have made -- I am too much more of a quilting addict and do not spend so much time on my crochet/knitting

  3. I've been taken with some of Jane's designs, too, but they're made of lots of components, with lots of changes of thread, and I know that those sorts of projects don't suit me very well. I shall happily watch your progress!

  4. Oh, I like your color combination much better than the yellow version. Nice choices. You have chosen a very intensive pattern for your first project. It's beautiful.

  5. The new chunky crochet needles and manner of holding it have certainly improved
    the ability to make crochet items. I have several friends that have learned to crochet in the last year.
    Your Fair Isle knitting looks wonderful.