20 May 2020

The Late Spring Garden

It is no secret that I love my garden, we have put so much work into it since we moved here 9years ago; my husband loves to grow fruit and vegetables, but I love my flowers.  It's 26oC and sunny here today and the smell coming off the Old English Roses is incredible, they are just coming to their peak now and I adore them.

The peonies are just starting to come out, this one near the house is always first

This bearded iris is stunning

The Dutch Irises have done really well this year, I divided them after watching Monty Don show us how on Gardener's World and it's really rejuvenated them!

I was so happy to see my Hosta comeback, it often gets decimated by slugs but we've had a very dry Spring so no slugs!

Still no frogs visiting my pond :( I think I need more planting around it and some pebbles to give them a stepping stone out ?


  1. I love your garden thanks for sharing! I love roses too but if I ever buy some new ones I want to make sure that they are more disease resistant then ones I have gotten in the past. I had a bad time with mine about 10 years ago and lost a lot of them that just kept getting sicker and sicker and I tore out a lot of them. Now I have three bushes of roses and two Mr. Lincoln that can grow on a trellis . Your iris's are wonderful too I would like more varieties then the ones I have

  2. Ahhhhh! Your roses are so delightful. I've always wanted to grow roses like these but we live in a high mountain desert so I'd have to build a green house I think -ha! They are just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful roses! I love peonies, too.

  4. A little early for roses here, so thank you for showing us yours!