06 January 2019

2019 Carried Forward

I have been reading all the posts on quilting blogs with everyone's goals and lists of quilts they want to make this year with keen interest; I have decided not to make a list of my own, I find that when I do, I feel pressured to complete tasks and work on projects just for the sake of ticking them off my list, it doesn't really work for me.

I do intend however, to continue with a few things which worked well for me last year:

1. Have one or two focus projects to work on each month, too many half completed projects just make me stressed! This is meant to be my fun hobby when all the work is done :)

2. If I don't have an empty project box (I purchased 5) then I can't start a new project! I can think about it, and collect fabrics and plan it....

3. Any projects which are not holding my interest go in time out, sometimes for several months, I then re-evaluate and either finish them, or abandon/donate the completed parts and put the remaining fabrics back in stash.

4. Only buy fabric if  I need it for a current project, or it is on sale and I know I will actually use it!

I have a couple of projects carried forward from 2018, these will be my focus for the next couple of months, I also have a few more that I would like to start!

Golden Days

This is a 2018/9 Template of the Month from Jen Kingwell, I am hand piecing/hand appliquéing this one and am several months behind, but I am happy to slowly progress.

This is Jen's quilt

 I decided to restrict my colours :)

I am Enough QAL

This is a current free pattern from Melanie at Southern Charm Quilts, here is her sketch

There are only 3 more parts and I am currently up to date, I am really enjoying machine piecing this and plan to hand quilt it when I'm done.  I need a more up to date photo, there is less empty space now :)


This is one of the 2018 BOM patterns from Sarah Fielke, I have signed up for her 2019 pattern starting on 31st Jan, I would really like this one to be a competed top by then!  I have a few more pieces to add, most of this is just glue basted.

I plan to concentrate on Grasshopper and The I am enough QAL, once they are completed tops then I would like to start this.

Welcome Home

This is Sarah Fielke's 2019 BOM pattern only which starts on 31st January, here is her initial sketch

I still haven't decided on a colour scheme yet, I did buy these two 2yard cuts in the sales for some of the background and I would really like to source most of the appliqué/piecing fabrics from my stash.

I have several more quilts in the planning stage :)


  1. I will need to check out Sarah's BOM that looks interesting although I actually have plenty to do this upcoming year without adding a BOM!! I want no pressure and no deadlines - keep quilting stress free if something gets done that is great - if it doesn't that is ok!

  2. That's my problem!!! I keep buying new project boxes. No wonder I cannot finish anything.

  3. I'm like you. Goals give me more stress than joy! Whises yes, and yours are great!

  4. I am finishing the last UFO for 2018 today, with only 3 hand applique projects going in as 2018 UFO's. Then I will review my "I want to make this qult" messy stack and select the ones I feel I can make and complete. This year I will be making one at a time and not start 2 or 3. I may participate in a BOM, but if so very few! You do such beautiful work!

  5. You've got plenty of interesting things to work on - a nice variety of techniques, too!

  6. Gorgeous projects Elaine! I think I'll be doing the same - carrying forward.