15 May 2018

Blogging Break

I am taking a little break from blogging and social media; my son is getting married in a couple of weeks on a beach in the sun

When we get back, we are having a big family party in a village hall - we are doing most of the decorating ourselves to keep the costs down, so I am busy making tablecloths and bunting and ...

I am also lovingly tending my garden in the hope that my Old English Roses, Peonies, Lavender, Penstemon, Hydrangeas etc etc will be at their best for decorating all the tables in the hall.


  1. My very best wishes to the happy couple, and I hope you won't be too frazzled to enjoy the occasion!

  2. I hope it's a wonderful wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  3. Congratulations, have a great time!

  4. Your English garden is a dream. Enjoy your son's wedding...how exciting. Have the best celebration!

  5. Have a wonderful time on this special occasion