11 July 2017

The July Gardern

Come for a walk with me around the garden...

The penstemon are at their peak...

as are the hydrangeas... (we have clay soil, it doesn't matter what I add, ours are always hot pink)

It's been a very good year for the perennial sweet peas...

The bees are loving the lavender and the buddleja (as are the butterflies)

I love this Himalayan honeysuckle ...

The crocosmia are looking wonderful...

and the first of the dahlias ...

The agapanthus is just coming out

and the pots of geraniums are so cheerful

I keep deadheading my old roses and they keep on flowering and flowering ....


  1. your flowers all look so pretty - the summer heat has taken some of mine already - my best month for flowers is June I think. I can't believe how poorly my hydrangea did this year - it looked really pretty in May and most of June then all of a sudden the blossoms just started to dry out early even with all the rain we had and lost their color - now they are just drab and will stay that way - no pink, no purple it is like the color just got sucked out of them and they look like they do in the fall. They have never lost the color so early in summer before.

  2. Thank you for the walk around your garden! I really enjoyed seeing all those summer flowers from the depths of winter in the southern hemisphere.

  3. What beauty---thanks for the inspiration!

  4. It's lovely to scroll though all those gorgeous flowers when it's miserable and overcast outside!

  5. Gorgeous colourful blooms. My hydrangeas are just starting to bloom.. I would love to add dahlias to the garden.

  6. What lovely flowers. There are quite a few that we don't have around here. I love love love your roses - too delightful.

  7. Your garden, Elaine is the most colourful vision! I can only imagine the heady scents that are filling your little space. Just gorgeous!

  8. Anonymous12/7/17 11:02

    It's a lovely day in your garden. :-)

  9. Love your flowers :) I posted some of my sunflowers in my post today.

  10. Your garden is glorious! So gorgeous! Our hydrangeas are blue. We don't do a thing. I have no clue. lol!