24 June 2017

UK National Quilt Championships - Sandown Quilt Show

Yesterday my friend and I attended The UK National Quilt Championships at Sandown, organised by Grosvenor http://www.grosvenorshows.co.uk/view_show.php?ID=29

I was really happy to see that hand quilting is alive and well! The Championship Quilt was truly stunning, hand quilted with colonial knots and beads

'Pearl Princess' by Sandie Lush

There were lots of other wonderful quilts too...

A version of 'Stonefields' by Tansy Martin which won an award for hand appliqué

Some really fun Dogs quilts by Monika Wutzle of Brazil

And this one I adored - so much fun!

'Hot Dogs' by Moira Neal

and this one also by Moira "Latin for Quilter's' was hilarious, so much detail

There was an incredible display of the work of Gilli Theokritoff including these...

and my favourite of her's 'Klimt"

I think these quilts now go on tour around the country with Grosvenor, there are so many more worth seeing if you can. http://www.grosvenorshows.co.uk


  1. it is always so nice to see hand quilted quilts at shows isn't it - looks like it was a nice show

  2. I love the Klimt quilt! It is original and adorable!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Loved seeing these great quilts.:)

  4. So many beautiful quilts and such a great variety of styles and fabrics. Thanks for sharing.

  5. They are absolutely spectacular, I agree!

  6. Thank you for sharing :-) I saw some of these quilts in Malvern in May,

  7. All are so wonderful, and the pup ones are so fun.

  8. Wow, what a show! I agree with you -- I miss hand quilting. I also love that you are adapting your old cross stitch WIP into embroidery! Very nice!

  9. Gorgeous quilts...so hard to choose a favourite, thanks for showing us.