22 February 2017

Stonefields - Jasper's Flower Garden

No. 7 on my list of WIP's is Stonefields. You may remember that way back in September 2014 I attended a class with Susan and was fortunate enough to see the original quilt.

I took loads of photos (with Susan's permission!) you can see more of them on my blog here:

I had recently joined a BOM and after seeing the original quilt I changed around a lot of the fabrics, I kept up for a while (!) and pieced 60 blocks

I also pieced quite a few of the small 3/4" hexagon rosettes for the border

and prepped even more...

I then got distracted by a shiny new quilt project! and these have been languishing in a box ever since. I decided quite early on that I didn't want to do the hexagon border, and as I have a sort of plan percolating for the 6" blocks, I need to come up with a project that uses all these hexagons :)

At the same time as I was piecing these, I was also working on this embroidery of Jasper in the garden of our cottage.

I have always loved the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts especially the 'Garden Path' design with green triangles and diamonds like this 1930's design

I am thinking of something similar with my embroidery at the centre.  I think the rosettes are too strong on their own next to the embroidery, but might work as a second border

 I plan to add a ring of cream to the first border and then I might use this lovely sage green for the 'paths'

I have printed out some more papers from Incompetech onto card and am ready to go

I glue baste with a Sewline glue pen and then like to use Aurifl 50wt thread in off white or pale grey for stitching and these Tulip size 8 piecing needles.


  1. Oh my goodness. What a wonderful plan! Very creative.

  2. Wow so many beautiful ideas, love all your stonefields blocks and hexies will look forward to seeing the end result :)

  3. Just loving jasper in the garden ;)))))--Did you draw that yourself??? I like blending embroidery and hexagons--II am a fan of both..) hugs, Julierose

  4. Look at all those lovely Hexies! You're working on some creative solutions.

  5. That looks like a very good plan!

  6. love your stacks of hexies - they can sure keep a person busy! This is going to be a great quilt

  7. This is a great project, lovely! They (hexies and embroidery) are meant to be together!
    And what a beautiful embroidery!!
    Best wishes!

  8. Anonymous23/2/17 20:08

    That embroidery piece is wonderful. :-)

  9. I do like the idea of embroidery and hexagons, particularly with the cream border first and the sage with it. Looking forward to seeing this one develop. You've done so well to get 60 blocks of stonefields made.

  10. Oh my gosh, it's all so beautiful! Love Stonefields! Everything will be wonderful and is wonderful!

  11. love the stonefields and oh my all of those rosettes stacked up!! I think your idea of combining them in to your embroidery project is wonderful :)