28 February 2017

17 in 2017 February Progress

I am linking up with Meredith over at Pomegranate and Chintz to share my UFO progress for February

I have had a very productive month! My full list of projects is here:

(If you click on any of the photos they should enlarge )

No. 3 Remember When

I completed another block, it felt good to work on this ancient WIP...

No. 4 Estonian Lace Scarf

I have knitted the sections for January & February

No. 7 Stonefields

I have a plan for the hexagons :)

No. 8 Berry Cardigan

I finished knitting the last sleeve and have started stitching everything together

No. 10 Wedding Quilt

I have sorted the fabrics from my stash that I want to use

No. 13 Goldfinch Silk Shading Embroidery

Progressing well...

No. 15 Down the Rabbit Hole

January section finished


  1. Oh! You're doing Down the Rabbit Hole! I want to do that so much. I've set the goal to clear 3 BOMs off my rotation, and then I can subscribe. :) Your berry cardigan is so gorgeous. I really wish I could figure out how to knit prettily - I can crochet anything, but I just can't knit worth a darn. I also think your Stonefields and Remember When are going to be beautiful.

  2. Wow, you are busy! All very nice work :-)

  3. What great progress, and on so many of your projects!

  4. Even though February is a short month you were very productive and progressed your projects along. Down the Rabbit Hole is off to a glorious beginning.

  5. That is lots of progress on a lot of projects. Your knitting colors are beautiful.

  6. What wonderful progress on all of these. I am somewhat familiar with the quilting ones but oh the knitting as well...I love that berry color :) What a productive month all around :)

  7. I loved seeing everything. The fabrics you have assembled for the wedding quilt are so soft and lovely.

  8. I'm itchin to get to stitchin more hexagons but I just really can't until I finish up some other projects. They are on my 17 in 2017 list.

  9. It is great when one can see progress on all the projects one work on. I have a complete halt at the moment, my shoulder is not wanting me to do anything, so it is wonderful to see all the photo's and seeing everything you are working on,thank you.

  10. Wow Elaine! You've done heaps. So good to,get organised with a few projects, and you're well on the way to some finishes too. Yippee!

  11. Ooh! Wow! Love the way you've reported. Congratulations!

  12. OH WOW you have been so so productive Elaine great work. ALL so lovely too. Stone-fields looks so beautiful, Im using up some UFO small hexagons to on a new product, your knitting is amazing love the colours and so glad you are working on Remember When. What a pile of fabrics you were able to pull for the new quilt !!!!! I'd like a pile that big in my stash LOL. Cheers Glenda

  13. Hello Busy Lady, what wonderful work you do! I try my hand at all these ventures as well but sadly do not have your talent. Thank you for sharing; you are inspiring.

  14. You are making fantastic progress Elaine! That first block for Down the Rabbit Hole looks like a very challenging complex block - incredibly well done!!