05 January 2017

Down The Rabbit Hole Fabrics Take Two!

Well the first instalment of Sarah Fielke's new 2017 BOM 'Down The Rabbit Hole' hasn't even gone live yet and I have already changed my mind about my fabrics!  The pattern is wonderful and whimsy...
I feel that my original selection of fabrics although bright and cheerful didn't really suit the feel of this quilt. I have another pattern in mind that I think they would be better suited to, so they will stay together until I am ready to start yet another quilt (!)

Sarah's quilts are fun and challenging to do, this is a large intense appliqué quilt and will be a year long commitment (at least!) so I needed something that will hold my interest.  I have now got my quilting mojo back and am powering ahead with 'Happy Days' the 2016 BOM, to celebrate I decided to use the last of my Christmas money to treat myself to some new fabric.

I really want to try something different with this quilt. I admire the work of printmaker and painter Angela Harding I especially like her nature prints and cool colour palette.

I would like to make a quilt invoking this feel if possible, so after hours of trawling the internet, I came across a range of fabrics by Art Gallery.

I have bought a 4 yard cut of this focus fabric, I plan to use one full length in the centre of my backing and fussy cut the rest throughout the quilt. I absolutely love it! It is whimsy and fun and totally different from the fabrics I normally work with.

This is Moon Stories in Ash (NTF 67903) from the Nightfall range by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery Fabrics.

I have also ordered a FQ pack of co-ordinating basics from the Fat Quarter Shop in the US
I also found a local UK shop (Billow Fabrics) who sell 10" square packs in a mix from the Nightfall, Heartland and Hello Bear ranges.

I am thinking of using Robert Kaufman Essex Linen (55% Linen 45% Cotton) for the backgrounds, I have ordered small pieces from Cloud Craft here in the UK.
I am hoping these will play nicely, if not they will make great backgrounds for embroidery ;)
These are 'Steel' 'Grey' and 'White'

These are 'Rose' 'Natural' 'Grey' and 'Light Blue'

I will decide once all of the fabric arrives, I know I will use the linen for embroidery if not for this quilt.  

Can you tell I'm excited about starting this quilt?!

Now I really must get on with 'Happy Days' while I wait for all my fabrics to arrive. Some are coming from the US, so depending on the whims of UK customs they may not arrive in time for the start of the 2017 BOM. That is probably a good thing as I am hoping to have all the blocks pieced and a quilt top assembled before the end of January - wish me luck!

P.S. My only resolution this year is to keep better project notes, e.g. name of fabric and where I bought it - I always think I will remember,  but when I need more I never can!


  1. those are pretty fabrics that you have decided on. I just hate to start a mystery and then decide I don't like it after it goes awhile. I always like to see a finished quilt first for some reason - I think I am not good at picking out color for a mystery. You will have fun with it though as you like that I think

  2. I can feel your excitement and anticipation through the screen - your mojo is back with a vengeance!

  3. The colors are soft and soothing. It's going to be a great quilt. It's good to try something new and a new color palette will be just the thing.

  4. The Art Gallery's fabric are perfectly suited for the Down the Rabbit Hole BOM and seem to go so well with Angela Harding's prints. It looks like all your searching will be successful. I love working with the Essex Linen. Hope they can be included in your palette as well.

  5. Oh wow Elaine! I just love the fabrics you have chosen for Sarah's BOM, thanks for taking us through your process of selection. Wishing you all the best for finishing the Happy Days top.

  6. You certainly do have your mojo back - big time! Lovely fabric selection and can't wait to see how this progresses. Enjoy!

  7. What a beautiful colour palette you've chosen.

  8. Absolutely lovely fabrics and I will enjoy watching this quilt progress; it's a beautiful pattern.

  9. OK, Emily!!! It's your fault!! :D (and that's a good thing) - I've gone and bought a 1/2 yard collection that I would LOVE for this project, so now I have to join in on this BOM. . . Like I don't already have way too many, but this design keeps calling to me. I just need to find some good solids to complement my collection, and hopefully a really great rabbit fabric that plays nice, and I'll be in heaven about it.