09 May 2016

The Big Move...

I have finally (sort of) finished moving everything from my small sewing space into my son's old bedroom. I still have a pile of sell/donate/bin items to go through but I can see the light! My old space was so small and it was very difficult to keep tidy.

 I didn't have a lot of room for visitors!
I have kept the wire baskets as I really love them for storing fabrics, however I have sold/donated all the various boxes/baskets etc on top as it was so easy to just pile things up; I seemed to spend more time looking for things than sewing :( I really love these plastic boxes, I have all of my thread stash in these and rulers, templates etc - I can see what's in them and they stack neatly
I have my slate frames etc in this basket which I think looks quite tidy
However I am not sure what to do with my hoops, they were hanging on the wall, but I am not sure I want to put anything on the walls - any ideas for storing embroidery/quilting hoops?

I have my sewing machine table in front of the window
If I am bored I can look out ...
down the garden to the river
I have another desk that I can use, for cutting etc behind me. My old sewing space will have a daybed in it and my bookcase. I have arranged it so that all of my stash is upstairs. The bookcase has project boxes and my growing collection of embroidery and knitting books. It is easy to take a project box upstairs if I want to work on something. I still need to assemble the bed and make curtains, but hopefully this room will now be a nice place to read and double as a spare room for visiting relatives.
My quilting books are still in their own bookcase in the office/library, if I ever finish all my wips there will be room for them in here too!!
It does feel like I am taking over the whole house! I will see how practical this arrangement is, I have yet to sew anything, the weather has been so nice that when I haven't been busy arranging rooms, I have been reading under the willow tree down by the river. It is our favourite place :)


  1. it looks so nice!! isn't it nice to have one room where you can have everything set up to easily get to. I know we don't all have that kind of space - and you have the day bed set up in the old room so if son wants to come back to sleep over he can have the little space!!

  2. Your house and grounds are lovely! Just what an American pictures when they think of a cottage in England. I too would be spending time under that tree on the banks of the Thames. Congratulations on having more space. I like your wire basket racks. I have stacking plastic drawers which I label with the contents so I can easily find things.
    I see you are from Aberdeen-my daughter is a graduate student at university there.

  3. Looking good, but as you say, it will be interesting to see how practical it is when you are actually sewing...

  4. I always enjoy seeing how others arrange their fabrics, machine, etc.
    I am wondering if that is your home in the header picture and what the roof is made of.

  5. Looking great, loving your view, not sure if I would get any sewing done lol...

  6. It looks so nice and well organized ~ should work perfect and you can find what you need :-) Sewing those curtains should tell. Hoops look good hung up. Mine are in a closet between a wall and bookcase...
    Thanks for the inspiration, I really need to get my studio area organized. But it's spring ~ the snow has melted and we've been busy planting the garden. Your garden looks good!

  7. I think your new sewing room looks just perfect! I use the wire baskets in my sewing room too and I really like the fact that there is air around the fabrics and they aren't enclosed in a drawer or box, and I can see them as well. Your view is just lovely and I love your beautiful dog too! :))

  8. Now you have to find time to enjoy it all LOL. Are those paved tiles right on the river Elaine? Do you have some form of construction there to stop erosion? How very very peaceful it looks. We have to stay well away from our river banks as in the floods it can come up around 15 metres! Hugs Glenda

  9. Just having a table set up for cutting alone, has made me finish so many more projects. All my small scraps is in plastic drawer sets, it makes it easy to find a piece of fabric, as one has blue, another pink. Everything tidy, makes it easy to find. The hoops is always tricky!

  10. Everything looks wonderful! It must feel good to spread out and get everything organized and looking so nice!