19 May 2016

It feels good to be Sewing ...

Month 4 of Sarah Fielke's BOM pattern arrived while I was in the chaos of moving everything upstairs, it wasn't until today that I decided to work on it. I pulled my project box out and was ready to go in 5 minutes - I love having project boxes - Hurray for being super organised!!

I got everything out as I wasn't sure where I was with this quilt...

I have finished the blocks for months 1 and 2

 I have almost finished appliquéing the bird block from month 3
 The heart appliqué block is prepped
I have sewn down a couple of the wreath filler blocks
 and prepped the rest

 Some of the star filler blocks have been pieced

and the fabrics cut out for the remainder
 I am still in love with these Liberty fabrics, I bought a few more small pieces while I was up in town a few weeks ago
 I used some of them in the appliqué block for month 4 (I have since added a couple of orange circles to this block)
 I also prepared this month's Hawaiian appliqué block, you can't see from the photo but the design is drawn on the block in silver pen, you can see 1/4 of the pattern from the template; you cut away the appliqué fabric as you come to stitch it, it is all thread basted in place so hopefully will be easy enough to stitch down :)

 I have laid out the pieces for the star block - I really need to make myself a bigger design board!
I am really enjoying working in my new space, I hope to keep up with the prep for this quilt, so I will have plenty to sew by hand when my family visit this summer.


  1. all of your pieces look very nice! I have never gotten the Liberty of London fabric I find it very pricey!

  2. Liberty fabric! It may be pricey but I don't believe in sparing too much expense when it comes to quilts. Mine take a long time to make and I invest a lot of myself in them. I am not sure if Liberty is sold in America. Just recently an on line retailer has begun selling Petra Prins chintz which is $6.00US per fat quarter.
    Anyway, your work is lovely. I like how you have laid out your fabric ideas and then decide it you like it>

  3. Clearly having your own space has been a real inspiration to you!

  4. I must say that the look of these blocks with the Liberty fabrics really shines! They are so beautiful, and so unique too. Love Liberty -- your blocks just show why I love their fabrics!

  5. You're well away with this one - and it looks so pretty in Liberty! Have fun stitching it all down :)

  6. you've done so many beautiful blocks already and it's always a good idea to have lots of hand sewing ready to pick up. I love the feel of Liberty fabric!

  7. Love all your blocks in the liberty, enjoy your hand sewing and !!

  8. Love your fabric choices!

    I also keep each project and all of it's fabric in separate boxes. It keeps everything organized and I don't accidentally use a fabric that I've planned on using in a specific project. It also cuts down on prep time, which is a very good thing! Right? More stitching time.

  9. Wow! What amazing prep - in both quantity and quality - you are on a roll!