30 May 2015


It is no secret that I love my garden, when we moved here almost 4 years ago it was terribly neglected and overgrown. We have worked hard and are now beginning to enjoy the results. One of my ambitions is to have something to cut for the house each week throughout the year. My small collection of Old English Roses are just starting to flower.  This week I have cut a single spray of the gorgeous 'Boscobel'
The buds are a dark salmon colour when tightly closed, but then open to reveal various shades of salmon pink.
It has a lovely myrrh fragrance, exactly the smell I imagine roses should have, sadly a lot of the modern tea hybrids are grown for colour and have little or no scent. The Old Roses are shrub roses with beautiful dark green glossy leaves. 'Boscobel' is a particularly beautiful example. I buy my roses from David Austin, who specialise in the Old English Varieties. This is how it will look in another week or so.

Boscobel was named for the House in Shropshire owned by English Heritage.
It is famous for the fact that Charles II hid there in an oak tree, whilst being pursued by Cromwell's soldiers during the English Civil War in 1651. The tree still stands in the grounds.


  1. Oh what a beautiful rose! So glad to hear you are making some progress.

  2. Just beautiful! thanks for sharing Hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful roses! So interesting about Boscobel and the oak. There is an historic house closeby here that is named Boscobel -- I guess it must be named after that Boscobel.

  4. Won't it be lovely when your spray is fully open!

  5. There is a house along the Hudson River called Boscobel. Here's a link: http://www.boscobel.org/