27 March 2015

Quel désastre!

I missed the last embroidery class of this term as I had the flu; I knew roughly what I still needed to do to finish my Goldwork sampler, so I set up in my small room and took few stitches as I started to feel better. This is as far as I had gotten when disaster struck!
Our main bathroom is immediately above my little sewing room; the bath decided to leak and water poured through the ceiling all over my desk and embroidery (insert several swear words of your choice!!) We managed to get the leak fixed and I cleaned up my space, however my sampler was ruined. Luckily the centre 'Tempus Fugit' section was unblemished, so I have cut it out and will look for a small frame for it.
The initial idea behind the sampler was to give me a chance to learn various Goldwork techniques, in that respect it served it's purpose. I have cut around the small sections I had finished and have mounted them in my project journal, at least I will have them to refer to when I want to work one of these techniques again.
To cheer myself up, I decided to start a new project! Several months ago I bought these Metalwork feather kits, from the lovely Helen Richman at The Bluebird Embroidery Co
I chose to start with the 'Jay' feather, in blues and browns; the kits come with the design already traced and all the threads etc you need
I stab stitched the silk and calico backing together and stitched down the felt padding for the cutwork
I then added some colour, in the form of blue silk shading
and some fly stitches
Working the sampler has given me the confidence to stitch this kit, I now know how to work all of the techniques needed, and can just enjoy the stitching.


  1. A brava to your tenacity and skill....beautiful work.....Hope
    you are feeling much better.

  2. How heartbreaking! I'm so glad that the central motif has survived and that in fact the sampler has already served its primary purpose.

  3. So sorry to hear that your hard work was ruined. At least you saved a bit and now you will always have that memory and I am sure one day it will bring a smile to your face. The feathers look like a really fun project.

  4. OMG, so awful that your work was ruined! I'm glad you saved the pieces for your journal and that the center is ok at least. I love your feather piece -- Looking forward to watching you work on the kits.

  5. Great idea to save some of your work! I am soooo sorry that the other bits were ruined! It's my nightmare that something lke that will happen just as I'm finishing a piece. Liebe Grüße, Kathy

  6. That is just dreadful. I gasped when I heard that your beautiful work had been ruined. Still, you have all your new techniques to take forward to your new project.

  7. Oh so sorry to hear that at least the centre was saved and you now have the techniques in hand :)