17 February 2015

Time Flies but Progress is Slow

Embroidery and Goldwork in particular is a slow but very enjoyable process; I think I may speed up as I become more practiced, at the moment I spend a lot of my time trying to decide on the best threads and stitches to use. I have spent a few more hours this week with my Tempus Fugit Goldwork Sampler. This is how far I got last week...
and after another 6-7 hours work this week...
I have carried on with basketweave, but for the right side of this piece I am stitching single pairs of Jap, it is exactly the same technique as the left hand side but produces a different effect. I still need to plunge those ends!
I worked this section in open laid work, I need to practice my stitch spacing, and I've only just noticed that I missed a couching stitch!
I also worked a bit more on the centre section, the face of the watch is silk shading (long & short Stitch) in white silk
Since I started learning embroidery almost 2 years ago, I have been keeping a notebook; I find it invaluable for keeping records of stitches and threads used, I always think I will remember but of course I never do!
I have packed this away now ready for class again next week, back to some appliqué!


  1. your stitching looks very well done to me!

  2. I was discussing your gold work with my friends yesterday when they came for a Honey Bee day (thats lunch and sewing at mine!) One of them is starting to learn embroidery and I thought your new sampler might be just up her street. Another had done some gold work and said she found the threads really hard on her hands. Do you have that problem?
    I love the watch- it will be amazing when it is finished.

  3. It's wonderful! I love watching your progress.

  4. Your stitching is just beautiful. This will be a great piece when completed.

  5. Developing nicely! I've kept notebooks in a rather haphazard manner all my embroidering life, and I can recommend the habit..

  6. This is a beautiful skill and yours is coming along so nicely! I think it will be well worth all the time and patience, it's incredible how much impact embroidery has. I always think that if I wasn't a quilter, I'd be an embroiderer.

  7. I tried goldwork once and found it very slow! Even compared to cross stitch. But yours does look lovely, especially the centre timepiece.
    I don't have notebooks but I use my diary and my blog to remind myself of what I have done.

  8. Beautiful stitching! Great idea to keep a notebook - it records info that you want to keep but also is a way to look back and see how far you have come! I see in your profile that you live in a thatched cottage. Is that you house in your heading? It's beautiful!!