29 December 2014

Public WIP declaration, warning this is a long post!

I would genuinely like to finish more projects in 2015 than I start! I am not sure if I can mange it, but I have decided to join in with the Finish-Along hosted by Adrianne from 'On the Windy Side' You can find all the details HERE

I think the best place for me to start is to publicly declare all my WIPs (gulp) I am not saying I will finish all of these (I am a realist!) but I will chose one or two each quarter to focus on, I will decide what to do with each of these, the choices are really very simple:

A. Turn the part project into something smaller and finish it!
B. Abandon it altogether and return the materials to stash
C. Make it a focus project until it is complete!

Ok, Here is the list, I think that is everything but you never know what else I may find lurking as the year progresses!

1. The 'Welsh Quilt', my current hand quilting project really deserves to be finished in 2015, I love this quilt, I love hand quilting, why is this hibernating?!

2. Russian Sunflower Blocks, I love these fabrics and this pattern...

3. 'Remember When' I started making this quilt with a dear friend while living in Holland, it really deserves to be finished

4. Block one from Sue Garman's Friends of Baltimore, I really like this block, I might finish it as a cushion for my son, I don't really want to make the full quilt right now.

5. Block one from 'Butterfly Garden' not sure about this one either, I am thinking this would also make a nice pillow for the spare bed.

6. I will turn this cross stitch Angel in to a Needlepoint/Canvaswork piece, I just need to wait until I can face another large embroidery project!

 7. TATW hosted by Brigitte Gilpin, I think I will turn this into a summer picnic cloth

8. I would like to make a Christmas quilt with these red/green appliqué blocks, I have more but I need to find them!

9.Turn these Grandmothers Choice BOM blocks into a lap quilt top?

10. Decide the future of these Morrell Quilt Blocks, I really like this quilt, it was started as a BOM when I lived in Holland, I was keeping up until we moved...

11. Life is Beautiful blocks, I like the sayings and the pattern, I don't really like my choice of fabrics, maybe I can save this by choosing a different setting fabric?

12. I need to decide what I will do with Phebe, I back basted this part to learn the technique, I really don't like this method! I think I will continue with the centre but use needle turn instead, again I am not sure if I want the whole quilt.

13. Will I work on my DJ quilt? I am tempted as Jane was 46 when she made hers and I turned 46 in November :)

14. I would like to finally finish SDW, I may stop here and frame this part only, still undecided...

15. Continue to work on the crewelwork firescreen, I had to pack this away when we had some visitors and I still haven't gotten it back out again

16. I need to rethink my colours for Love Entwined, I love the centre compass, but have no idea what to do for the rest of the quilt! I don't like the pale fabrics I have chosen around the centre either.

17. I will keep working on Green Tea and Sweet Beans, I love this quilt don't know why I stopped working on it!

18. I would like to find some emerald green silk and finish this Goldwork piece, I think only red and gold is a little too boring, but looking at it again I am not sure :)

19. I am not sure if I will work on the 1718 Mosaic quilt or not at the moment, the oakshott fabric is lovely but very thin, hibernating for now...

20. I am really looking forward to starting Mary Hurst on 1st January, it would be good to finish in 2015 too!

21. I would like to continue with the Civil War Bride Quilt, I have an idea to turn it into a celebration quilt for our 25th Wedding Anniversary

22. I need to finish Libby's Grand Illusion Quilt by her birthday in October

23. I am also looking forward to starting Embroidery class again at the end of this month

24. I will try to keep up with the Stonefields BOM (so far so good...)

25. I want to finish knitting this scarf in this luscious pashmina yarn, especially as it has now turned cold!

In my defence (!) a few of these were started when we lived in The Netherlands, they had to be packed up for the move and then I never got back to them! We have been back in the UK for 4 years now, it is time I sorted them out!

Part of my problem is that I am so easily distracted by the latest patterns and fabrics I see on blogland, I need to cut down my computer time and sew instead! I also want to try and only use fabric and threads from stash next year as much as possible.

I hope this post makes you feel better about your WIP's, I also reserve the right to start new projects and buy fabric if I feel the urge!



  1. Hey, I love the idea of the Civil War Bride for your 25th anniv. quilt. :D You have some fun WIPs in here. I hadn't seen the Russian Sunflowers before - those are neat. What if you use what you have basted on Love Entwined so far, and incorporate more pinks/reds tones in the four corner areas? That would be pretty.

  2. so many projects! that is one reason I do not start BOM's they multiple like rabbits. I like Phebe but I didn't like the center applique block so i haven't started it yet while I finish other projects I am trying to decide if I want a different applique center or forget about it. I have so several quilt tops coming to an end and must concentrate on the.

  3. You do have a very long list--I haven't even listed what's stashed in my big "why did I start this??drawer"--mostly pieces of blocks, blocks and a few RSC13 leftovers. I have no idea what to do with them. Maybe your idea of just not making them and returning them to stash is good for me, too. I spend entirely too much time in blogworld, too; and see too many temptations.....with me it's not so much "finish it up" as "is it worth finishing".. Am already working on "The One I didn't Like" and it is hard going...(I guess your long post has engendered a long comment ack lol) Hugs, Julierose

  4. You have some gorgeous projects! Good luck whittling down your list and making those important decisions about how to proceed.:)

  5. So many beautiful WIPs! And so few compared to me. lolol! Although perhaps I should categorize into UFOs and WIPs. :D I do love your taste in projects!

  6. If you go to class with No23. Continue with Stonefields, Sewing 2 things you are 'keen' on, and do one other in between- like No1 and when it is finished do No2. Box all the rest for later. Before you know it your WIP's will be gone. Good luck!

  7. Some wonderful projects but so many of them! How about deciding which are the closest to finished and just finish two or three this year? I like the idea of cushions...
    Happy New Year to you too!

  8. Look forward to reading your report this time next year!

  9. All your WIPs have the promise of being beautiful quilts/cushions/embroideries. Good luck with choosing which ones you want to focus on first.
    Happy New Year.


  10. I do believe you have more WIPS (better call them WISPs - Works In Slow Progress!) than I have! I wish you all the best with your Finishings...

  11. Lots of things waiting the big finish and I have the same problem. I have been so tempted by the Sue Garman patterns for the Baltimore quilt. I have not made a purchase but keep drooling.

  12. You have a lot of really great projects in the works! Good luck on finishes - I need to do the same!

  13. Your projects are fabulous, and now I feel quite normal for having so many of my own. I think my biggest stumbling block is that I'm a needle turn appliquer (sp) and a hand quilter. My projects take forever, and I'm like you... I'm always starting something new. I can't help myself!

  14. Well first of all....Wow! that is a lot of projects. I think it would have taken me a month to lay them all out and take photos of them. You are really organized and dare I say very enthusiastic and that is a good thing! I hope to finish a few of my ufo's this year but I am also planning on weeding a few things out. Good luck to you.

  15. Wow! Your projects are so beautiful! And I don't think just the red and gold are boring! It's fabulous! I look forward to your updates about this projects.

  16. I wholeheartedly agree with your last line, Elaine! Looking forward to seeing what is to come in 2015! Happy New Year!

  17. So many lovely projects. It will be hard to choose between them. I finished a number of UFOs in 2013-14 (although a few more are creeping out of forgotten spots.) Moving makes UFOs multiply, doesn't it? I will enjoy watching you work through yours.

  18. I think that's a good number of wips, plenty of variety but not too many, good luck!

  19. WOW you certainly have your choice of absolutely wonderful projects to work on! :)

  20. We seem to be on the same wave length, Elaine. Bet there is a lot of us out there. You have beautiful projects. I'd pick the one closest to finish and work on that one to give me a boost when it's finished - like your Garman block for your son - it would make a beautiful pillow. I agree, the computer and blogland take up too much time. I may just blog once a week in the coming year so that I make more time for quilting. Thanks for linking to WIPs Away! I look forward to working on WIPs together in 2015.

  21. We must be sisters, although your list is pretty tame! I didn't even list all my WIPs. That might get a little embarrassing. So know are in good company, and you have lovely projects. We all get distracted!

  22. Wow and double wow lots of decisions to make. I love DJ and Stonefields and ........hehe Happy new Year xx

  23. I have just read all of these comments, and I think we should all form our own support group... LOL!

  24. You certainly have lots of beautiful choices of things to work on. I would have a hard time picking just one. My UFOs or WIPs are mostly hanging in my downstairs closet waiting to be hand quilted. Love the Morrel quilt and am tempted to try something like that. I also have the Phoebe and Civil War Bride patterns calling to me. Such wonderful quilts. . .

  25. Wow - what a list! You have some beautiful pieces that will look wonderful finished. Lots of my WIP have resulted from being packed away when we moved countries and then conveniently forgotten!

  26. Wow - such a great (big) list of wonderful projects! Your TATW is particularly beautiful but they are all lovely. I think I'd have a hard time choosing too. Good luck getting through them :-)

  27. You have some wonderful projects there - its always nice to know you will never be bored. That's what I have figured out - the more UFO's I have the more I willl NEVER ever use the word bored. lol. I have two of those on my 'really want to do' list. Remember when and Life is Beautiful. I already have the pattern and fabric for Life is Beautiful - just need to locate that time - think it is hiding someone in the tub with the pattern and fabric. lol.