27 November 2014

Last Chance Jodie!!

I have still not had a reply from Jodie the winner of my Giveaway, unfortunately she didn't include an email address in her comments, and she is a no reply blogger so I have no way of contacting her! I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but if I don't hear back from you by Midnight GMT tomorrow Friday 28th Nov, then I will draw another winner. I would really like to get this in the post before the Christmas rush so that the winner can join the SAL if they want to in January.

I am waiting for month 3 of 'Stonefields' to arrive and for Bonnie's annual mystery to start so I have been flitting about this week working on a few different things.

I picked up my SDW Sampler again, for the first time since May 2013! I have stitched some of the alphabet.
This is where I left off last time...
I have been knitting with the gorgeous Pashmina yarn by Madelinetosh, a mix of merino, cashmere and silk. My hands feel wonderfully soft! The colour looks a bit grey here but it is a beautiful 'Sugar Plum' sort of antique mauve shade in real life.
I have hand pieced a couple of flying geese units for Stonefields
and finally I decided I wanted to learn the starch preparation method for appliqué. I prepped this block a couple of weeks ago, I was going to abandon it as there were quite a few lumps and bumps in the prep. I think I prefer my original needle turn method best. However last night I really felt like doing some appliqué and as I didn't want to start a new project I got this one out of the basket. I am finding that I can smooth out a lot of the problem areas as I stitch. I will keep working on it for a couple of days and then decide. Has anyone tried this method of prep? any tips to get a smooth edge?


  1. SDW is just stunning - glad to see it grow again. Lovely knitting too.

  2. I want to try the pashmina sometime. One of these days I will buy some and try it. I've never tried the starch method of applique, just the old fashioned needleturn. I keep thinking one of these days I'll try a new technique. You'll have to report again on how you do.

  3. I've never even heard of the starch method, so I can't advise, I'm afraid. I'm planning an applique piece myself at the moment, but I doubt that I will use any previously-thought of method. I have such peculiar plans I suspect I shall be making it up as I go along!

  4. So many lovely projects especially the pashmina. I have tried the starch method a long time ago by mixing small amounts and using a toothpick to apply now I sometimes use the glue stick no mess.

  5. The starch method is the one I was first taught and find easiest, not sure about tips though. I just apply the starch a little at a time with a cotton bud and use a cocktail stick to pull the fabric over the freezer paper. the tighter the curves the thinner the overlap and closer the pleats but I'm sure you're doing that anyway.
    Yours looks good anyway :)