19 September 2014

This week I have been stalking the Postie!

I have been waiting (not very patiently!) for the postman to arrive each day this week as I was expecting a couple of lovely packages :)

I am enjoying knitting my scarf with the luscious pashmina yarn; progress is slow as I only knit when my hands are too sore to appliqué! I see knitting more as an exercise class than a hobby!
Anxious not to run out of projects (!) I ordered this fun kit from Kate Davies Designs it is a really lovely design to knit a fair isle sweater for a mini hot water bottle! The kit includes the bottle, pattern and the yarn, Kate also includes a lovely canvas project bag too - you can find the kit HERE
 I was also anxiously waiting the first instalment of the Stonefields BOM from The Running Chicken
It arrived beautifully packaged in a box with Karen's wonderful instructions, fabrics, templates etc
I love the fabrics Karen has chosen, but as usual I want to do my own thing a little, I hate having a quilt that looks exactly like everyone else's!! so I have swapped out a couple of the fabrics. I have stitched eight blocks - they still need pressing and trimming.
I have also prepped a few more, it was fun fussy cutting some of the posy flowers and leaves.
No chance of being bored!


  1. There would be nothing worse than having nothing to work on, so I get why you have to order kits and so on... I'm just the same, though if I lived to be 200 I'd never get all the projects I have planned done!

  2. No, you won't be bored - you have plenty of choice for idle moments!

  3. Wow! Love everything you have ordered and are working on! I love Kate Davies' designs. Love your scarf with the pashmina! LOVE the Stonefields quilt!!

  4. The BOM looks fun, looking forward to watch it come together.

  5. Oh no, we can't run out of projects, that would not do, LOL!! Better have few on the go at the same time :-)
    Your new BOM look very interesting.

  6. Your blocks, workmanship, and fabric choices are wonderful! I love the crisp look of your applique'.

  7. Lovely blocks, looking forward to see more of them... Till now every Stonefields i've seen is completely different but very nice.

  8. Found your blocks! They are lovely. You have made great progress already.
    Lovely to see what I will be doing as of Wednesday :)