21 August 2014

Tipsy Thistle Leaves

Still not much time for stitching this week, but I have managed to work a little on Tipsy Thistle. This is where I was on Monday
I have finished filling in the leaves and am quite pleased with how they turned out
I then stitched a needle and thread

You can see from this picture of the completed piece that I have deviated again from the instructions! I don't really like all the loose thread and balls of yarn, to me they look messy so I have omitted them!
Next up is the final section, all the luscious purple fronds - should be fun to stitch!


  1. Elegant stitching. I can do basic embroidery but not crewel work.

  2. This is so pretty!! I love all the bright colors in this one. Laura

  3. There is a wonderful ranger of colour, stitch, and texture in this piece.