01 July 2014


Meet Angelica...
This is the photo from a Lavender and Lace cross stitch chart that I bought several years ago; I also bought all the DMC threads intending to stitch it. It has been sat in my stash for a long time! I really want to learn canvas work during my embroidery lessons, so I have decided to adapt this design. I love the colours of the original so I have just added some variegated silks, wools and other fun threads to DMC originals...
I have started playing with some thread/stitch combinations, and pasting them into my design book with notes so I don't forget :)
One of the things I like about the original pattern is the realistic face, so I have stitched it in tent stitch over one - it took a lot longer than I thought it would!!
The rest should go much quicker - I hope!!


  1. This should be a wonderful adventure for you - and I'm quite sure that everything will go more quickly than the face!

  2. Wonderful to see your process. The over one is perfect, always recommended for the detail of face and hands, makes it so realistic. The color palette is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it come together!

  3. Looking beautiful will look forward to seeing your progress :)

  4. The face looks lovely. I will enjoy seeing you transform this into canvas work.

  5. I love Angelica! I stitcher her a while back so if you want close-ups of the stitching for inspiration please ask. It took me the entire Easter Weekend to stitch her face over 1 but it really was worth it.
    Here's my version and the story behind her: