14 April 2014

Green Tea and Sweet Beans Update

It has been a while since we had an update on my 1930's Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt. The weather here has been so nice since we got back from Rome that most of my spare time has been spent in the garden. I do miss working on my patchwork so this afternoon I got all the blocks I have stitched so far out of the box to have a look at what I still need to do. (Quite a lot!)

I have finished hand piecing the units for the Drunkard's Path blocks, I just need to press them and sew them into the two blocks...
I have cut out the pieces for the two Tulip blocks, not sure if I will hand or machine piece these...
I have also prepared some Clamshells for English Paper Piecing...
And started hand piecing the Lily block...
There is still a lot to do before I will have a flimsy, but I am enjoying taking my time with this quilt and working with these happy summer colours!


  1. it looks like a very happy quilt indeed! I think I saw this pattern somewhere but I do not remember where

  2. So much done! It's looking fantastic!

  3. Wow! I love what you've done!

  4. It looking beautiful !!

  5. Anonymous15/4/14 08:40

    Those fabrics are really cheerful and bright - so pretty. This will be a lovely quilt when it's finished.


  6. It does look like a hoppy piece of work. Very appropriate to the weather,, which seems at last to be improving!

  7. Hi, I bought the pattern last week and was trying to find someone else making the Green tea quilt. Have you totally hand pieced it or a mix of machine and hand piecing?