25 March 2014

Tipsy Thistle Progress

Now that I have given myself permission to change anything I don't like about this project! I am making great progress and really enjoying stitching it!
I am not fond of bullion knots, so I changed these for French Knots...
I did stick to the recommended Closed Herringbone for this section...
and Buttonhole Triangles with French Knots on this one...
With a couple of small changes to the Trellis squares...

This one is as suggested - Laidwork with a Trellis ...
It is funny how different this looks in wools, it is the same stitch combination I used on my pomegranate except it was stitched with silks with an added bead...


  1. I'd cover over the hands and show the whole thistle.

  2. So so cool!! Beautiful work!

  3. Excellent progress and love all your stitches. I also like the fact that the design outlines are brown rather than blue. I always find blue stands out too much and is difficult to cover some times.

  4. I love following your amazing embroidery on this project - partly because I also have Scottish ancestors :)

  5. By the time you get through this, you are going to be a pro at embroidery. I think it's a great idea that you are allowing yourself to change it to suit you, it looks beautiful already.

  6. How wonderful! I agree about doing what makes you happy! This is going to be absolutely stunning!