19 February 2014

Orange Peel and Flower Applique

In the evenings I have been stitching on some of the appliqué blocks for The Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt. I am using the starch and glue method of appliqué; you can find my tutorial HERE This is the first time I have tried appliqué this way and I do like it for these simple shapes; the preparation takes a bit of time but the stitching goes fast :) Once I had finished stitching, I soaked the blocks in soapy water for an hour or so before rinsing and pressing, that got rid of most of the starch and glue. I also plan to wash the quilt once it is completely finished.

These are the Orange Peel Blocks

and the first of the Appliqué Blocks


  1. Your blocks look wonderful !

  2. They are so pretty - beautiful work!

  3. I have a bag of scraps waiting to turn into a orange peel quilt. If only there was more time. Yours is looking wonderful.