06 December 2013

A little bit of Drawing and Colouring ...

I have had great fun drawing and colouring over the last couple of days, and my dinning room table currently looks like this...
Monday is the last embroidery lesson before the Christmas break, and as I have almost finished my Swan piece, I want to get a rough plan of my next project for Sophie to look at before we break up.
I have decided that as this will be the last course I will do for a while, I really want to learn lots of new embroidery stitches. I have drawn a typical Jacobean design with a bird and tree of life with pomegranates, but rather than use the traditional crewel wools, I would like to use cottons and some bling!  I normally like muted colours but really want to try something new. I spent a couple of hours checking the stash and have come up with a turquoise, pink & yellow colour scheme. I am having difficulty deciding on what colour of fabric to use, what do you think?

or pink ...
I think this needs a bit more thought! maybe an off-white linen?

EDITED: Think I might go with cream linen...
and if it is not thick enough to take the weight of all that embroidery, I could always back it with a bright yellow...
too many choices! I will canvas opinions at class later :)


  1. I love your design. I have been wanting to do a Jacobean style embroidery for ages. I look forward to seeing yours and perhaps that will motivate me to get started. I think the linen background sounds lovely.

  2. How beautiful! Love the colors! I like the idea of the off white linen.

  3. Ooooo.....I like the yellow!! I'm anxious to try Jacobean design too!!

  4. It looks beautiful, I love the look of the off white linen :-)