10 September 2013

Getting ready for Autumn

Now that it has turned decidedly chilly around here, I am spending less time in the garden and more time indoors. I have started to look at projects I want to work on this autumn/winter. One of these is 'The Manifesto' by Scarlet Letter.
Looking back through my blog, I realise that I started kitting this up in February, really?! I could have sworn it was the beginning of summer! but no, blog posts don't lie this has been waiting in the wings since the end of last winter!! I started by converting the chart from a cross stitch in silks/DMC to a needlepoint in appleton's wools. You can read about my conversion HERE
Then I had to wait for the crewel wools to arrive...
and for the background colours to be specially dyed...
and then I discovered that I didn't have a frame big enough! so had to order one of those too!
I finally have everything ready and the fabric mounted on my frame. Rain is forecast for this weekend so I don't need to feel guilty about stitching instead of gardening :)

Project Notes:
Count : 600 x 381
finished size: approx. 30" x 19"
fabric: Penelope 10/20 needlepoint canvas
fibres: Appleton's crewel wool
motifs: over one with one strand crewel wool and size 22 needle
background: over two with three strands crewel wool and size 18 needle


  1. looking good! I need to get back to mine too!

  2. I will be watching your progress :)

  3. I needle pointed years ago--cross stitch has stumpedme--so I'll be very interested to see how you are altering to needlepoint--as I LOVE THIS SAMPLER!! Hugs, Julierose

  4. It will be exciting to watch your progress. I started mine last late winter too and got the sun outlined and that was about it. I guess I should pick it up and start on it now that fall is here!

  5. It looks beautiful I will look forward to watching your progress .

  6. That's quite a large piece, isn't it? Looks lovely - will enjoy seeing your progress on it.

    Gorgeous background colours, by the way!

  7. Looks interesting, looking forward seeing your progress. I love the colours of your background yarn

  8. This is going to be one Gorgeous project. All your wools are Beautiful - WOW! Talk about an investment:) Love your newest frame. I wondered how you were going to mount it and stitch it.
    Looks like your all ready to start - finally...So exciting.
    love Annette

  9. Looks like you are all set to go! The wools will be beautiful on this!

  10. Such a beautiful sampler, and gorgeous wools to go with it!

  11. What wonderful colours - they will keep you going when it is grey and rainy!