10 April 2013

There are lots of things I should be doing ...

I have spent the last two afternoons in my little sewing room, playing with fabrics and making a right mess stitching the first block of Butterfly Garden.
I am really enjoying working with these lovely Spring colours. To the lemons, pinks, lilacs, and greens I had originally pulled...
I decided to add some blues...
and while rummaging, I came across this perfect fabric...
The first Block went together really quickly, I have decided to machine buttonhole stitch the applique, which goes a lot faster than needleturn :D
It is such a fun quilt, there is some lovely little embroidery detail...
And lots of opportunity for fussy cutting...
I decided to replace the embroidered butterflies with some applique...
Planning ahead, I don't think I will quilt this one, I am sure it will work as a pretty summer coverlet for the spare room.


  1. Such a fun quilt! I will enjoy watching your progress on this one!

  2. This is a fun quilt with the wonderful spring colors. And you know, I've got some of that fairy fabric somewhere around here. Think I was going to make a quilt for my daughter and never got around to it. Such is the dilemna of a fabric hoarder! LOL

  3. You do such fantastic quilting. Love your colors on this one, so happy!

  4. I get the impression from your other posts that you like to try lots of techniques - this quilt seems perfect for that!

  5. What a perfect quilt to be sewing in the spring! I love your colors and the flowers are beautiful. How are they attached to the quilt? Did you hand applique them?

  6. oh how exciting to see how your quilt is already looking. Beautiful. Yes I love the embroidery too and the fairy's:) Great sewing. love Annette

  7. It looks beautiful already, can't wait to watch it grow.

  8. Such a sweet and happy looking quilt. Love it!

  9. This is looking truly lovely, great colour choices. I've thought about making this one so I'm going to enjoy following your progress.