24 April 2013

Never go fabric shopping when you are hungry :)

A quick trip into town this morning to look for possible background fabrics, found me outside our local hobby craft; I don't normally shop there, as they are more of a craft store and have a very limited selection, however I did see they had a sale on - who doesn't love a bargain?!

I was feeling a bit hungry as I had just been on a 2 hour walk with Jasper...

Chocolate anyone...
 or a nice pastry...
 While I was trying to decide if either would work, I had to go and have a coffee and a large piece of cake! eventually I decided at £3 a metre to get both :D I then remembered that I hadn't shown my 'Box of Chocolates' quilt before...

 Fussy cut chocolates...
 Funky cups of coffee...

 and chocolate muffins on the back!

I think trying to diet for the summer was a really baaad idea!! I seem to have become obsessed with food :D


  1. Okay! Your chocolate themed quilt is FANTASTIC! Oh You selected the colors of fabrics beautifully. And your circles that looks like your getting close to stitching - Are they for a Peppermint Candy quilt? I love those colors too - they are looking great already:) love Annette

  2. Love your chocolate quilt and who doesn't love chocolate.

  3. Love your background colours and at £3 per metre a true bargain. As for your box of chocolates and cupcakes they are definitely fat free.

  4. Love the chocolate quilt! Very cute! Nice going on the fabrics too.

  5. Love the fussy cuts! Working with that fabric would make me want to eat chocolate!

  6. £3 a metre? That is amazing....! Your chocolate quilt is great!