08 March 2013

SDW SAL Week 19

I managed to put in a few hours this week to make up for not stitching at all last week :)  I have finally finished the church! I am so glad to have it done, I think it is the last of the big motifs. I had huge problems with the brown silk, every time I put a little tension on the thread it would snap, most frustrating! It was very strange, I love AVAS silks and have no problem with any of the other colours. I am stilling waiting on my skein of dark blue silk, so I will need to go back and fill in the gaps. I hope to finish this row by the end of next week, it will be so nice to scroll down and start on the alphabet.
Here is where I started on Monday...
and this afternoon...


  1. Looks wonderful! Don't you love that church! Love your Dear Jane too. I always say someday i'll make one. Then I laugh hysterically. :D

  2. Great progress with your stitching