15 February 2013

SDW Sampler SAL Week 16

The church is taking a long time to fill in! The nice thing about taking pictures for my blog is that I can see that I have made some progress this week even if it doesn't feel like it!

This is where I started on Monday...
And today...


  1. excellent progress. looking forward to the next update.

  2. Oh yes, that is so good about taking photographs. It is beginning to look like a real church now. Very nice!

  3. Elaine it is looking great. I know what you mean about taking the photos though. A big stitch but worth it. x

  4. Your blog is such a good way of recording your stitching journey and I always surprise myself by how often I look back to find information on mine.

    Your SDW is progressing every week, regular stitching is the key.

  5. Great progress, your church has acquired some windows.