19 January 2013

Un-sewing :(

Today I have been practising my frog stitch - Rip it, Rip it, Rip it...

I have always loved old quilts that have a block turned the wrong way or a bit of wonky applique! I like the handmade quirky look! I love the Amish philosophy that only God is perfect and the fact that they sometimes make a deliberate mistake.
I alway try to be accurate and follow the pattern instructions, but let's just say I have never had to make a humility block on purpose! After all does it really matter? I don't profit from my quilts and I don't enter competitions, no-one has ever rejected a quilt I made on a cold winter's night because a block was upside down!
So when several people pointed out that some of my four-patch blocks (orange & cream squares) for the Easy Street Mystery were the wrong way round (There's a right way?!!) my first thought was to leave them. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that yes, this would actually bother me. These squares form a second design when the top is sewn together, framing the blocks beautifully. You can see how nice Bonnie's looks (her's are grey/white)
While mine looks a sort of mess, with orange squares all over the place, obviously wrong even to the proverbial blind man on the back of a galloping horse...
So as much as I hate doing it, today I have been unpicking and correcting the mistakes, luckily it's not every block. I still couldn't face spending all my time in corrections, so I have decided to pull the blocks needed for a row at a time, correct the mistakes and piece the row. I now have my first row completed, it only took 45 minutes, it feels like I am actually progressing with this quilt, even if I am going two steps forward and one back!!
I have also decided on my border fabrics, at least I think I have...


  1. Unsewing is the worst! I have wavy borders on a table runner of all things that I set aside yesterday to frog and I'll be doing some heavy starching of those strips today. Love the border combination you decided on!

  2. I had to rip some seams, too, to change the orientation of the blocks. In fact, once I had the wrong double flying geese block and had to change it completely. Your brown border looks perfect!

  3. Wow! Good for you - you'll be happier with this one after you get them spun around. I'm always putting things in backwards! lol

  4. What hassle but it will be more than worth it in the end. Love the term 'frog stitch' that's a keeper!

  5. I agree with you about unpicking but sometimes we just have to be brave and face up to the fact that the quilt is asking for it. I often play an audio book to entertain me when doing tedious jobs like this. Take care.

  6. I've been doing a little frog stitchin myself - the pieces of the blocks in my 34th Street (Easy Street) have a habitude for turning themselves the wrong way when I'm not looking. But we shall persevere in spite of their mischief!

  7. It will look fantastic when it is finished. Sorry you had to unsew.