31 January 2013

The Shelves of Doom

The great sewing room tidy up continues with the dreaded bookcase. My room is too small to stand back and take a full photo and I still have to sort out all the paper & patterns...
But I have finished organising all my threads etc and now the top shelves look a lot better...

I did have all my DMC thread on bobbins sorted by number, but I only ever use DMC for adding embroidery details to quilt projects etc, so filing by colour seemed to make much more sense to me.
Duplicate full skeins are in zip lock bags in this pretty box, and I have a colour thread chart if I need to find a particular number quickly.
Thanks to everyone who suggested storing silk threads in floss-away bags, they are too expensive to leave in a tangled heap in a box! These are by brand name and colour number on rings.
 AVAS have their own special box, with room for growth!
Hand dyed cottons are loosely arranged by colour family in this box
Beads, trim, braids etc are in the three 'Marken' boxes
The beautiful sampler boxes were purchased over a period of several years at craft shows when I lived in Holland from the Kunst & Vliegwerk stand, they are still available HERE. The duck egg boxes were bought in the Laura Ashley sale. My mother gave me the little statue years ago as it reminded her of me and my two boys...


  1. Wow you r making great progress. Love your thread storage ideas!

  2. You are really getting organised and your boxes/containers look great.

  3. Everything looks so nice and I love your pretty containers! It's so nice when everything has a place.

  4. Well done! The boxes on the top shelf look so happy! (The handles look like smiles......). I'm sure productivity will skyrocket.

  5. Storage envy! I've been wanting to organise my DMC threads the same way - thanks for the inspiration. What is a 'floss-away bag'?

  6. You system seems to be coming together. It takes time doing these jobs but it is usually well worth it in the end.

  7. You could open a shop Elaine. With all those embroidery threads you are going to have to stitch more samplers !!!!