25 January 2013

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better...

It all started when I went into my small sewing room to look for some green twill to line the log basket. I knew I had some, but I couldn't find it. In fact my room had become really disorganised with things being dumped in there over Christmas. Baskets were filled with fabrics from finished quilts waiting to be put away, fabrics for new quilts were piled up waiting for empty baskets etc etc. So I decided to sort it out properly, which meant it looked like this for a while...
and after...
 Baskets containing the pattern and fabrics for 'Easy Street' which I am currently assembling, 'Grandmother's choice'- next up after ES and Wip's 'Birds of a Feather' and 'Vintage Valentine' and an empty basket!!
 I used to knit and would like to start again, I have some lovely yarn that was lying about in plastic bags, I did find another bag tucked away after I took this photo! now I can see it all I am inspired to start doing something with it!
 Project bags and sewing wallets I have made, I much prefer using these to plastic bags.
 A Jelly Roll, some charm packs and a couple of Fat 1/8th bundles just waiting for inspiration.
Fabrics sorted by colour, large pieces are in the right hand drawers which are out of view. These baskets contain the bulk of my collection - mostly Fat quarters or less. I love that I can see what I have!

I have moved all my quilting books to the study/library where I can access them easily, but I still need to finish tidying the bookshelves, I have a mountain of paper - patterns, pages from magazines etc. I am thinking of putting them in plastic sleeves in magazine holders so I could have a neat row of them all the same. Does anyone have any tips for the best way to sort and organise patterns on the shelves?


  1. Looks really terrific. Love those baskets.

  2. Looks great! I always make a HUGE mess when I'm cleaning up. Drives my DH wild... he's a neatnik! Baskets are so fun.

  3. WOW! what a great after! This is one of my big projects for the new year that I am dreading, but those baskets are a great idea!

  4. Wow - so organised! It's great to see how other people organise their sewing spaces.Love the woven baskets. Do you have the fabrics in clear containers inside the white metal basket drawers?

  5. Oh my. I am so jealous of your quilt room! It looks very organized now and the baskets are an excellent touch!

  6. Please will you come and sort my stash out. I spent an hour tidying threads today and that was just AVAS. I find that ring binders or lever arch files and poly pockets are a good way to store charts. You can have stitched and to stitch ones.

  7. Please please please come and sort out my workroom! x

  8. I am SO impressed! Well done you.

  9. in reply to "Does anyone have any tips for the best way to sort and organise patterns on the shelves?"
    I put some of my patterns into a little clear plastic file holder that looks like a small briefcase. It latches closed & has a carrying handle. There are 26 file spaces & each has ample room for 8x11 sheets of paper (so patterns I have printed off the internet fit)
    For block patterns that I have printed off the internet I have put them into 3-ring binders in alphabetical order. There is one binder for 12" blocks and one for all the other sizes. and there is a list at the front of the binder of what blocks are in the binder.
    Then there is the pile of patterns & papers that I still have to figure out what to do with them. :)
    Wish me good luck.

  10. Great organising going on there. Well done!

  11. Looks fantastic and I love the baskets you used for your fabrics and patterns.