27 November 2012

Dear Jane

Over the last 14 years I have made several blocks using patterns from the Dear Jane (Jane Stickle) quilt book by Brenda Papadakis, some using civil war reproduction fabrics were made into a lap quilt...

While others were made into small projects and given as gifts, or have remained in a box until I decide what to do with them ....

But I have always intended to make the whole quilt one day, a few weeks ago I bought some lovely antique ivory coloured background fabric, and using fabrics from my stash I have started agian. I really enjoy making these small blocks, they are addictive! 

Maybe one day, perhaps when I am 46 as Jane was, I will complete this beautiful quilt. I still have a couple of years left!


  1. Elaine I am so pleased to see someone tackle this quilt. The book has been gathering dust on my shelf for years. I love the fabrics and colours you have chosen.

    M xx

  2. You are definitely making my fingers itch to get my quilting going again.

  3. I really like your quilt! I have my material all ready for starting my first dear jane at the begining of the year but I'm nervous!! I love to see the ones that others have completed.! I was looking at your sunburst quilt as well the colors are really good! Where did you get the pattern?

    1. I tried to email you, but you are a no reply blogger!
      There is a lot of help and advice for the DJ quilt on the Yahoo Group DJRetreats - have you joined it?
      The pattern for the sunburst quilt was in an old issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, but I will change it quite a bit.

  4. Oh My! Emily your Dear Jane blocks and quilts are wonderful! I've been working on my since 2007 but just the one. Perhaps once I've done the Jane Stickle quilt I'll venture to make more smaller ones.... if I live long enough, LOL.. I look forward to seeing yours progress. Elly

  5. I do like how you set your quilt blocks. Good luck with the next quilt. You have a great start.

  6. Hello Emily: you commented on my Scarlet letter blog so I came over to see what you are up too - and wow, you are making such amazing blocks! Very impressive! I used to live in Surrey before I moved to Devon 15 years ago and I still go up and visit friends there and my kids in London. The SL challenge is going to be great fun don't you think?! Take care now ...

  7. Your blocks are beautiful!

  8. Hi Elaine I did leave a message here last week but I must of forgotten to publish it. I laughed when you said when you were 46 as I'm making it too but I'm to late for 46 may be 82 is closer for me now!!!!!! Yes I also think these wee blocks are additictive; I also always have mini log cabins ready to grab for Dentist and Dr's visits. Great blog I always enjoy visiting. Cheers Glenda

  9. I've been looking at this (Dear Jane) blocks this past year. I'm thinking 2013 maybe the year to start it...I love them! Your's are beautiful!! I think this is the push to get me started...Thank you!