30 November 2013

Applique Love

I have been itching to get back to quilting these last few weeks and appliqué in particular. I am really enjoying learning to embroider, but I have loads of quilts I want to make too! I am going to try and split my time between both hobbies, we will see how it goes. In true Emily's cupboard style I did think about starting a new appliqué project! However common sense prevailed and I have decided to work on a project that I started last Spring - Sue Garman's Friends of Baltimore.
Isn't it stunning? you can read about it and all of Sue's other quilts on her blog HERE

I started with Block one, which is the American Eagle, here is where I left off in April...
 I put this project into hibernation as I thought my appliqué skills were not good enough; I really like the quilt and this block in particular, so I have decided to start work on it again, I have a few more pieces to appliqué and then a little embroidery to do. Meanwhile I will start to prep the next block, which may take some time!

27 November 2013

A Little Progress

My mum has been staying with me this week to help celebrate my birthday. We have had some lovely days out and eaten a fair amount of cake! It has meant however that I haven't had much time for any sort of stitching, I did manage a little on my Robin...
and I have started to add the metallic threads to my Swans, I am glad I have finished the silk shading, I do think I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go!
I have lots of quilting projects that I want to work on, but don't have time for two hobbies at the moment! I am really enjoying learning to embroider, but I miss appliqué and hand piecing, I am going to try and have set days when I work on either quilting or embroidery. I haven't had much luck in the past with rotating projects but I will give this a go and see how it works, perhaps if I drastically reduce my wip pile it would seem so overwhelming!

26 November 2013

We have a winner !!

Thank you to everyone for joining in and for the birthday messages. Jasper is sleeping once again :) so I have used the trusty random number generator, and the winner is number 4

well done to Margaret!! who writes

"Margaret18/11/13 22:25
Happy birthday to you! Oh gosh, I don't know if I'm up for crewel work. I have a mortal fear of it. lol! But those wools. Yum!
 Goodies will be on their way as soon as I have your address :)

18 November 2013

Birthday Giveaway!

It is my birthday this coming weekend and I would like you to help me celebrate!
I have received so many wonderful comments about my embroidery, especially the Crewelwork Robin, that I have put together a little giveaway so you can see for yourself how much fun it is!

I have a copy of 'A beginners guide to Crewel embroidery' by Jane Rainbow, a piece of linen union, some needles and my favourite Appletons crewel wools.

I am happy to post worldwide but you must be a follower of my blog to enter - just leave a comment below saying why you would like to win!

If he can stay awake long enough Jasper will help with the draw next week

Good Luck!!

12 November 2013

Embroidery Overload

Quite a productive last few days here in Emily's Room ;) I have completed a bit more of my Crewelwork Robin...
I have also completed my homework for Embroidery class :) I really want to get to grips with silk shading, I know the theory and have attended a couple of day classes at the RSN, but I think that this is really a technique that you can only learn by doing! I have been planning a piece combining silk shading and Goldwork, based on this wallpaper design by Walter Crane.
I have spent a lot of time drawing and re-drawing, trying to simplify the design.
I have collected my materials, some luscious silks and metallic threads and a small piece of expensive, but very beautiful white silk velvet for the swans...
I then transferred the design onto my background fabric and started the preparation work. It's not much to show for several hours work, but I have stab stitched the silk dupion onto a calico backing and completed the split stitch outline ready to silk shade the leaves. I also applied the felt padding for the swans. Once I have finished all the silk shading I will appliqué the silk velvet over the padding and outline with a silver metallic thread. I will also add some of the other lovely copper metallic threads in too, I am just not sure where yet!
I started the silk shading last night at the base of the leaves, I am reasonably happy with my progress so far, I hope by the end of this piece that I will have mastered silk shading, either that or decided I will never do it again!!

01 November 2013

Crewelwork Robin Some Progress...

I have spent an hour or two each afternoon this week with my Robin and he is coming along nicely. I really like this design :) and I love how much faster silk shading is when you use wool instead of silk!