27 December 2020

2020 What a year!

 Well I for one don't have a lot to show for 2020, while some people went full steam ahead churning out quilts, my sewing mojo completely left me for the best part of the year. The good news is that it is back! While I was waiting for it to turn up again I did some knitting and some Jigsaw puzzles :) strangely addictive! I learnt to crochet - not so addictive but I'm glad I now know how and I spent A LOT! of time in the garden - my happy place :) and walking the ever faithful Jasper.

One Quilt finished ....

2 Cardigans, 1 jumper and a scarf!

My constant companion 


  1. I love to see your knitted sweaters and wish to learn how better than I do. I guess I need to find a good easy beginner sweater for the sleeves that fit right. I keep trying to knit just basic flat seamed sweaters and they never fit right - I guess I need to learn to make one like you do - is there a good beginner pattern?

  2. And Happy Christmas to you, too! Good to hear the mojo has returned!

  3. Your knitting is beautifull. I wish I could knit like that. I can knit but not more then socks or miniatures. The quilt is fun. And looking forward to see more beautifull quilts. Best wishes for the new year.