07 March 2016

Trying Something New ...

My son and his girlfriend have just moved into their first home together; I wanted to make them a lap quilt and started Bonnie's mystery quilt 'Allietare' but I wasn't really happy with my colour choices, it was too dull. I shortened the curtains they bought for the sitting room, so I was able to use a bit of the leftover fabric to chose a new scheme. The curtains are a lovely deep fuchsia colour.
I then used my favourite colour tool to pick a triadic scheme of fuchsia, golden yellow and aqua blue

I kept the design very simple, I pieced some blocks using the units I had already made for Allietare and cut 4 1/2" squares for the rest; the cutting and piecing went quickly
 luckily I had a 2yd length of the perfect aqua fabric for the border
I thought about sending it out to be machine quilted but I really wanted to hand quilt this one, I decided to try big stitch quilting for the first time. I marked a simple pattern of overlapping circles It was easy to make my own template - it is just a circle with a radius of 1/2 the size of my squares (2 1/4")
I found some Spagetti thread by Wonderfil in the perfect colour, it is a 12wt cotton and lovely to stitch with
I had some trouble finding the perfect needle for me, I watched several videos on big stitch quilting and each quilter seemed to prefer a different type of needle. I eventually settled on a sashico needle which I think works very well.

I am doing large running stitches instead of a rocking stitch as I would with normal hand quilting - it is certainly going fast!


  1. There are hundreds of pages of advice and instruction about choosing needles, and yet it really boils down to "Whatever Works!"...

  2. It looks great! I want to try big stitch quilting...one of these days!

  3. The big stitching looks great on the quilt, will be a beautiful finish.

  4. Wonderful quilt to try big stitching on! Beware though, it can get addicting.:)

  5. It looks beautiful! Love that you are trying the big stitch quilting too. I somehow can't deal with it. lol! But it looks wonderful, so maybe I should try it after all. Lovely work!

  6. Looking great - what a nice mum you are! I have misplaced my favourite needle this week, and I can't remember what type it is at all, I just know that for sewing on quilt labels and other 'thin thread' sewing it was my favourite and I can't find anything else in my needle case or packets of needles that feels the same! Daft, isn't it? Glad that you've found what works well for you, though!

  7. Nice idea to try a new idea for the new home. The colours look great together too.

  8. Your quilt is lovely! Even though I am a hand quilter, I haven't tried big stitch yet. I always fall back on what I know works, instead of trying new things.