01 February 2013

January Review and February List

I have been making really good progress on all my WIP's since starting a blog! I think I feel some responsibility to work on them if they are publicly published!

January Progress Report
SDW Sampler SAL 
Making good progress with this sampler and loving our SAL!
Quiltville Mystery Quilt Easy Street 
Still piecing the top - have been distracted by embroidery :)
Vintage Valentine
I am half-way through appliquéing block one, I decided I don't like glue basting!
Birds of a Feather 
Block one complete - I love this quilt, don't know why I waited so long to start it!
Dear Jane
Still managing to make one block a week at least
In addition to working on all these projects I have also completed a major tidy up of my sewing room and revisited a hibernating project.

February - The List
  • Continue with our wonderful SDW SAL
  • Finish VV Block 1
  • Prep BOAF block 2
  • Continue with DJ Wednesday
  • Finish piecing Easy Street
I will see how I manage, the list is very fluid which is just as well as there are many distractions around here :)


  1. Anonymous1/2/13 13:23

    You have made great progress on all your pieces. Can't wait to see more. Can you share more about the glue basting and why you don't like it?

    1. Thank you! I prepped all my pieces as normal and then used a glue pen instead of pins to hold them in place, you place all the pieces before you start stitching. Maybe I did not use enough glue, but the edges of the pieces get caught while I am stitching and were beginning to fray. I have taken them off and have gone back to stitching one at at time using an overlay for placement.

  2. I love your colorways in the Birds of a Feather block--so pretty. I can see why you get interrupted--who can ignore a plea for a tummy rub? Julierose

  3. Like you, I find that if I commit on my blog that I am going to work on something, I tend to keep at it . if I have had a slack week, then the night before my schedualed post, I find myself stitching like crazy to catch up. It's worked for the past few years, so I'll be sticking with this approach.

  4. Great work! Like you, don't like glue basting. I do baste, with thread and a needle :o)

  5. Great month - you have such beautiful projects to choose from! Count me in too for loving the push to keep things moving forward that blogging gives me. Love your doggie!

  6. Elaine you are so productive and your applique is stunning, same with your wonderful Easy street! ugh I need more time!
    As for your distractions I would take them anyday. I remember when I had my big babies they used to tell me when it was time to break away and go for their walks. they really are a blessing!

  7. Great progress on SDW and all your quilting projects look fantastic.

  8. You've done very well! Love that hibernating project....please bring it out of hibernation! More please.

  9. Jasper looks adorable asking for a tummy tickle.